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Sep 7

Three Stone Engagement Ring Settings

Three stone engagement rings can be a lovely gift that you can present to your ladylove who is so rare to you. Three stone engagement rings became the perfect choice for proposals, as well as anniversaries worldwide.

These unique engagement rings are beautiful and meaningful with a variety of collections for each personality. It has been told that the three stone setting represents past, present, and future of the person who wears it.

When you give a three stone ring to your woman, it will remind you that beautiful moment, the history shared, and the future of both of you. The three stone rings remind a couple that has been together for years, about all the time they have shared together, and, for a newly wedded couple. The three stone reflects as a commitment to their coming future.

It is not necessary that the three stone rings are meant only for proposals; many people use this as a third birthday gift to their child, and some partners select this as their third wedding anniversary gift. If she likes to wear three stone rings with her engagement ring, she can either opt for coordinating styles, or just wear it, on the other hand.

Most of the three stone engagement rings shank would be made using three stones of equal size. However, some variations include the center stone of larger size than the two accent stones. One another setting has the accent stones as smaller rounds, or princess cut diamond in coordination with the center stone.

"Three Stone Engagement Rings"

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Normally, the side stones of a three stone ring setting would be gemstones such as ruby or emeralds, or else it can be baguettes, trapezoidal, or pear-shaped diamonds. The accent stones are set to increase the elegant look of the three stone rings without touching the impact from the center stone.

In many cases, the three stone diamond rings are sold with settings only, leaving the customer to select the center stone of their choice. As their ring creation is done in the house, many of the jewelers offer semi-customization, so that you can create a split shank ring with the setting of three stone diamond rings.

Once you set your goal as to buy a distinctive ring to your ladylove, there are many things to be noted in mind.


There are several options available. Most of the people opt for solitaire engagement rings, which are certainly beautiful. One another option is a ring with side stones-a classy three stone engagement ring or even bigger than that. You can even opt for a variation on eternity band as split shank rings, which separates into two or three before joining the ring area where the central diamond is placed.


Always think about the quality of the stone you buy for her. There are several options available, but your choice should be unique in this case. You can go with a round, princess cut engagement rings, or engagement halo ring because these are the most beautiful ones.


Normally you would get the prong settings in unique engagement ring-small metal claw like pieces are available from the ring to protect the diamond. There are other settings such as U–prong, which are curved in nature. Bar settings are the most beautiful one where the diamond would be fixed between two parallel bars.

Take time and select a unique engagement ring for your ladylove that perfectly suits her fingers instead of giving her a conventional engagement ring.