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Sep 25

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three stone engagements rings are usually assigned the name of Trinity Rings because they represent the past, the present, and future. They are a part from the classic solitaire rings, which gives a minimalistic idea; rather the three stones look extremely ornate at the same time elegant. This is the reason why wearing or gifting three stone engagement rings are in vogue.

The three stone rings is one of those unique engagement rings that can carry every person’s heart away. Most women are clearly enamored by diamonds, and if the three stone engagement rings is made in diamonds, they can cry out in joy! However, three stones engagement rings can also be made out of precious and semi-precious stones. Sapphire, ruby, Cubic Zirconia is some of the perfect, popular stones used in three stone rings but apart from these people like to wear birthstones also. Regarding the choice of material, you can opt for silver, white gold, golden gold, palladium, platinum, titanium, and such metals. Regarding the color of the stone, look for colors that your partner likes or just you find passion. For example, I like the blue sparkle of a sapphire!

It is normal human psyche to preserve the past, live the present and hope for the future. Therefore, the three stone diamond engagement rings are simply the best choice you have. They symbolize the commitments also in the three levels, before and after taking the vows. It is often said that all beautiful things come in trios, and this is true with the three stone engagement rings. One diamonds can steal a breath; imagine what three stones can do to you.

"Three Stone Engagement Rings"

Three Stone Engagement Rings

Creativity can be given the best expression with the three stone diamond engagement rings. For example, the halo engagement rings. When a halo is added to the diamonds, they create truly novel idea. Nevertheless, in this kind of halo rings you need to have a bigger budget. Even the split shank works remarkably well with the diamond engagement rings. In three stones, the split shank forms an even stronger basis.

In spilt shank engagement ring, the ring is split in usually two and usually in three sections. That way the strength of the ring is enhanced as well as innovative class is added to it. Do not stop to create your own unique design crafted. This way you can customize as well as add a touch of your own in the ring.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are simply stunning, and they look extremely elegant, but the three stone engagement rings can be equally ingenious. The flawless selection of diamond is unique, and they are extremely expensive. However, the VVS diamonds, with minimal intrusions that are not visible to the naked eye can be more affordable and deliver the same purpose.

That is the reason most people prefer the kind. Cutting down on the metal can also make the ring remarkably affordable. For example, even if titanium and platinum are the best choices, yet palladium or white gold is affordable.