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Jan 19

Three Stone Rings for Engagements and Weddings

Symbolic in their own way, three stone rings are becoming more popular by the day. These rings are commonly chosen as engagement as well as wedding rings. The rich representation of love, devotion and romance, and the graceful beauty of these rings have been the choice of women for years.

The three stone ring has a most divine meaning. The three stones as they are represent the past, present and the future of the couple’s relationship, enhancing each phase with a glamorous gemstone. Depending on the occasion, the design of the ring can portray different types of stones, including birthstones. This would make them a perfect choice for engagement rings and wedding rings.

The birthstone can be placed as the center stone in the three stone rings. You can also make your own combinations and give custom touches like personal engravings or words on the band to portray your love.

three stone ring

Ring Design

There are a number of modern and classic designs available for women to choose from. The stones that are used in the rings have various settings and placements.

1. Type of stone: The three stones that are used in the ring can be chosen based on personal taste. Diamonds are most commonly the popular choice today and of course is a timeless option. Along with diamonds, people can go in for different birthstones and colored gems to enhance the beauty of the ring.

2. Size of the stone: When it comes to size, there are two basic styles for three stone rings. One with a large central stone and two smaller stones on either sides while the other has all the three stones sized equally. With equally sized stones, the symbolism can take effect with the center stone elevated slightly than the others.

3. Shape of the stone: The most popular shapes today are the fancy diamond cuts like round, princess, emerald and asscher. These stones fit well when placed next to each other without having to instill large spacing.

4. Setting of the stones: The setting of the stones in a three stone ring, is another important aspect for the overall look of the ring. There are quite a few kinds of settings available, most common of which is the prong setting. With this setting, the stones are held firm over the ring shank.

5. Metal band: The metal used to make up the ring is most commonly either gold or platinum. Since the precious stones occupy quite a lot of space on the ring surface, it is advisable to go in for single metal structure instead of multi-tone metal rings.

6. Accents: The three stone ring has its symbolism etched on the stones, therefore, there is no need for extra design of studded stones on the sides. Since the three stones are slightly larger than those of other rings, having accents would spoil the highlight of the three stones.

Quality three stone ring

With all this in mind, it is important to choose a ring with quality. Make sure to examine the cut, color, clarity and carat of the stones chosen for the ring. Different gemstones have different levels of quality. It is important to select the right combination of gems with respect to the 4C’s.

Here are a few pointers that one could keep in mind to check before the purchase.

  1. Make sure that the settings of the stones are secure and not loose.
  2. Make sure that the alignment of the stones is perfectly centered on the face of the ring.

Check the sizes of the stones. If the design has all the three stones with equal size, make sure that they are. And if the design has the center stone larger than the others, make sure to check that as well.