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Mar 2

Tips to Buy Three Stone Diamond Ring

Three Stone Diamond Ring

For diamond ring shopping, you always have to be careful. Ensure that you shop from a reputed retail store. Choose the right diamond and metal. And look for all available options.

Rings are available in more variants today than ever before. We’ve three stone diamond rings, eternity rings, gemstone rings, solitaire rings, and what not. Each ring has its own significance. It is sold depending upon the occasion. And three stone diamond rings is sold mostly on special days like engagements, weddings, and anniversaries.

Three stones portray the past, present, and future of togetherness of a couple. Hence, people go for it on occasions mentioned above. If you’ve any such day around, and are willing to buy three-stone diamond ring for your beloved, follow the tips below:

1. What Stones to Embed!

A ring may have stones of your choice. Whether it is Rubies, emerald, sapphires, tanzanites, or simple pure diamonds, it’s up to you to decide. So when you’re ordering a three-stone ring, you carefully have to select the diamonds. The centre one is most important followed by the two i.e. one on each side of it.

Precious stones like rubies, tanzanites, etc. can be chosen as a main center stone. And round-cut or princess-cut diamonds as the other two. All three should complement each other and should be in perfect order.

2. Stone Setting

Stone setting is done in many ways than one. Prong setting, bezel settings, pave settings, and bead settings are some of the setting options one can leverage. Considering what three stones and other tiny stones you choose, a setting decision can be made. However, do take advice from the merchant to understand how the ring would look once setting is done.

To know the setting means to know how long the ring will last. Yes, diamonds last forever, but rings may not, sometimes. They may be damaged due to regular wear and tear. But don’t worry; once in a while polishing will do the needful.

3. Ring Metal


Be choosy about the metal. Ensure that it complements the diamond and its quality. Yellow gold is one option. Platinum or white gold is another. All three metals are of a great standard. They represent a class of elegance and simplicity. Yet, choose the metal which the wearer likes and at the same time goes well with the precious stones.

Yellow gold comes in 14KT, 18KT, 22KT, and even 24KT. But the first two variants are mostly used for three-stone diamond rings. On the other hand, white gold comes in 14KT and 18KT and platinum is defined by the purity.

4. Total Ring Cost

It would be wrong not to talk about budget and ring cost. After all, budget plays a big role in three stone diamond ring purchase. The price is fixed by merchants based on the metals, diamonds, the local tax laws, and their profit margins. So you’re supposed to have a fixed budget prior to taking the steps.

It may save you from confusion. And help you make a better choice with the budget constraints.

5. The Warranty

Precious jewelry comes with a warranty period, especially when you’re buying it online. As for these jewelry pieces are concerned, some come with 1 year and others with a lifetime warranty. The warranty period also differs from merchant to merchant. So know it before clicking the buy now button.


You’ll be able to buy a worthy three stone diamond ring just by following these tips. All these tips talk about is being informed about what you’re paying for and what you’ll get in return. Use them and have a happy shopping experience.