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Jan 30

Top 5 Pendants for Women

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Through time, there have been exquisitely lovely designs of necklaces and pendants for women to suit every taste and style, from simple and elegant to lavish and stunning. Craftsmen have designed some of the most breathtaking designs for pendants, each of which hold symbolic meaning like the diamond heart pendant denoting love.

pendants for women

Pendants are known to be a most graceful of jewelry that highlights a woman’s neck. There are a number of pendant styles that women prefer and have also spent time in customizing their own designs. Most commonly there are five distinctive pendant types that women opt for among the many.

1. Solitaire Diamond Pendant

This is a most exquisite design and timeless choice for a pendant. It is simple yet elegant in its design and is known to be made to bring out the best in the diamond and enhance the beauty of the one wearing it.

This pendant sports a single diamond stone cut to perfection in a beautiful shape of the woman’s desire, though the most common types are round, pear, princess and best of all the diamond heart pendants for women.

Diamond heart pendant for women, there are two common designs used. One is to use a single large diamond cut in the shape of a heart and the other is small diamond stones studded between metal stands to form the shape of a heart.

Both of these styles of diamond heart pendant for women are most loved by them. The color, carat, clarity and setting can be chosen to one’s liking. 

2. Gemstone Solitaire Pendant

The second most popular type of pendant is the gemstone solitaire. This design sports a single dollar colored gemstone shaped in beautiful styles to suit the occasion or the person.

There is a wide range of gems used for solitaire pendants like rubies, pearls, emeralds, topaz and sapphires. Each of these stones brings a brilliance of color and glamour to the jewelry piece. 

3. Elaborate Diamond and Gemstone Pendants

The solitaire pendants are known for its simplicity, but there are some who love to show off the art of lavish and elaborate pendants that involve a large amount of work and art.

These types of pendants commonly portray a single large gemstone in the center with a number of other contrast colored gemstones all around or designed in a beautiful pattern. The type of design used is made to enhance the gemstones and the person wearing the pendant.

For example, the diamond heart pendant can showcase a number of different designs with gemstones to accentuate the shape of the heart. Emeralds and sapphires are usually used to compliment the arrangement of diamonds in a diamond heart pendant.

Apart from the shape of a heart, the other common shapes used today are circle, monogram, star and cross.

4. Metal Design Pendant

Metal pendants can be designed in any shape or figure. These pendants have distinct shapes of intricate figures like exotic birds, animals and flowers. The different types of metals used for this purpose are silver, platinum and white or yellow gold.

Pendants for women made out of these metals are perfect for everyday wear, complimenting the look of the person from simple to lavish.

These metal design pendants for women are perfect in order to engrave something special for the one you love. Placing a message or a symbol on the pendant can hold a deep meaning.

5. Choker Pendant

Choker pendants are becoming very popular by the day. These pendants are worn right above the collarbone of the woman’s neck. This design enhances the very look of the pendant, bringing full view to itself.