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Oct 20

Top Diamond Engagement Rings

If you look for top diamond engagement rings, I will tell you about all the leading trends that dominate the market this season. Split shanks are the design of the season but in split-shank diamond, engagement rings also will certainly become a mysterious variety.

The specific look of the split shanks is determined, by the way, they represent the stone. Even though, highly close to the solitaire engagement rings that produce a truly minimalistic as well as suspended look to the diamond, the split shanks are a little more ornate, and they provide an excellent frame to the diamond.

As the name signifies, engagement rings split shanks are actually those rings that have splits in the rings metallic element. The split may be two or even three and each segment may be adorned with smaller diamonds. It is a truly innovative idea- to have a sapphire or the birthstone on the ring and then surrounding it and on the shanks dazzling diamonds of the same size. Split shanks rings are particularly suitable with elongated stones like those in shapes of square and oval.

"Top Diamond Engagement Rings"

Top Diamond Engagement Rings

Regarding the kinds of metal that can be used in a split shank diamond engagement ring, our strongest contender to the list of top diamond engagement rings, palladium, and platinum is the best choices. Since the ring is split in two or three pars, the support to the diamond is at stake, and the strength of the band is compromised.

This is the reason a rigid metal is to be used because it must provide the right support to the diamond engagement ring. Titanium is expensive and even though palladium is nothing less, since the specific gravity of the metal is reduced, it weighs less. This is the reason with palladium you can minimize the value of your split shank ring considerably.

As you look for diamond engagement rings, you will also come across halo engagement rings. As the name implies an engagement, halo ring has a centrally located large diamond flanked on all sides with other smaller diamonds.

Since some time before the diamond solitaire rings were ruling the market but now women are fascinated by the idea of wearing a large engagement ring, that is not only symbolic of love and commitment but also the wealth of her fiancée! In common terms, they love the idea of people looking at her magnificent engagement ring. You must have seen Hollywood celebs sporting large diamonds on their fingers over, and engagement halo rings are certainly in vogue too.

It is an age-old tradition to propose with a ring and the one in princess cut diamond engagement ring, it just steals a breath away to which it is being presented. Diamond rings in halo style or diamond shanks all come in different price ranges and fixing your budget is essential.

Fix your budget and then look out for the unique engagement ring that will fit in comfortable with your sweetheart’s existing lifestyle. Hence, top diamond engagement rings in the market are the split-shank diamond engagement rings and halo engagement rings.