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Sep 29

Unique Engagement Ring Designs

As the saying goes, diamonds are forever and indeed so, they aptly represent a lasting relationship. What can be a better start to an eternal bonding of love than the unique engagement ring to represent the real beginning to an eternal relationship for that special day!

Choosing the right bond of love for your engagement day can be a difficult task, especially if you are looking for that classic, elegant princess cut engagement ring that your woman would wear for a lifetime. While, choosing that perfect piece of jewelry, be sure to see the style of the ring and its setting that would make all the difference.

There are several styles, designs and settings in diamond engagement rings, but you should be sure of your finance’s taste before you invest in one.

If you are unsure of what she may choose or suit her, try knowing her class and the type of jewelry she wears. As trends come and go invest in a unique engagement ring design that transcends time and that, your girlfriend would love to wear all her life.

"Unique Engagement Ring Designs"

Unique Engagement Ring Designs

To own the most diamond unique engagement ring, you could have it custom made by an experienced artisan, as per your liking, which would cost according to the design and intricacies involved. Uniquely handcrafted designs add that extra sparkle and express the unsaid to your beloved.

Diamond cutting and styling is the most beautiful art, and matchless skill and precision goes into making every piece that looks unique. Evergreen designs such as the traditional round-cut solitaire diamond engagement ring is traditionally considered the best for the most momentous day of your life. Also, preferred are Victorian designs that hold you back to the bygone era with their antique designs.

Another favorite, the princess cut engagement ring, are square or rectangular cut diamonds. Apart from solitaires, the three stone diamond engagement rings are also popular among couples who believe in eternal love. Designer diamond engagement rings are also gaining popularity and can be custom made to match your outfit.

Diamond ring setting is yet another aspect you need to keep in mind. Apart from the traditional wedding ring bands, the split shank designs are considered timeless, where the band split to surround the center stone and appear feminine and look stunning.

Split shank rings may cost you anywhere between $500 to over $1000 for the setting itself. Engagement ring Split Shank is considered a more secure setting for the stone as they hold the stone alongside the prongs and are best suited for round, cushion, and princess cut diamond. Other types of setting include pave’ set diamonds, bezel and channel setting, rim and prong settings that carry out the brilliance of the diamond.

If the budget is your criteria, you should carefully choose the metal and the Split Shank ring setting that may cause a tremendous difference in its cost. One may also consider exploring online stores that offer discounts after ensuring their professional recognition. Some jewelers also offer off-season discounts, which may be an enjoyable time for you to do your shopping.

So before, you take a step into your new life with your beloved; begin the everlasting bond of your true love with a breathtaking piece of a brilliantly designed unique engagement ring that she would cherish forever!