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Aug 30

Unique Engagement Ring Settings

If you look for something that is rare and unique, something that is a class and not part of the mass you must check the online stores that deal with various kinds of engagement rings shank- from princess cut engagement rings to engagement rings split shank.

It is common to look for, something, so exquisite to propose that your beau may find it irresistible, and the setting is a vital part of the jewelry. Here, are some of the kinds of settings and suggestions that you may find useful.

The most common form of the setting is the prong setting. It is used in diamond engagement rings like split shank engagement rings and three stone rings. Actually, the prongs are claws that hold the diamond in place, you may notice some of these prong settings in pear shaped diamonds, and princess cut diamonds.

The bezel setting is preferred because it is instrumental in saving the diamond from external damage. Bezel is a strip of metal that is pulled into a ring format and the diamonds are made to fit in it. However, it surely does hide a considerable part of gemstone and hence a considerable part of the brilliance is hidden.

"Unique Engagement Ring Settings"

Unique Engagement Ring

Another immensely popular kind of setting is the channel setting. In this kind, of setting individual diamonds are set in a particular pattern. You may notice cannel setting in some of the eternity rings where there is no centrally located focus, rather all diamonds are arranged in order.

The invisible setting is one of its kinds! It is primarily used in princess cut diamond engagement rings and in this form of setting the diamonds are placed one after the other with the help of bars and wires. Pins may also be used to hold engagement rings princess cut in place, and the entire effect seems as if the diamonds are floating on the ring.

Pave setting as the name implies is actually a line of diamonds that are paved on base metal. You must have noticed that an entire ring may be covered with small diamonds and in these kinds of rings, the pave setting is found. However, one thing is there for pave settings; the diamonds are to be cut correctly, or else they will not be able to be set in a paved format.

The cathedral setting is also remarkably close to the bezel setting, and you may have noticed the beautiful arch over the centrally located larger diamond. In case you are interested to show off the smaller stones too that sometimes is hidden under the impact of the larger stone in case of a halo engagement ring, you must use a cathedral setting.

If you want a unique engagement ring that is ornamental but is truly elite, you can go for the tension setting. In this kind of setting, there is no additional metal used to hold it. Rather the gemstone like a diamond is held in place with the help of pressure alone.

The kind of setting is dependent on the cut of the diamond, and other factors that decide the price of a diamond are the clarity, color and the carat.