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Dec 25

Unique Expensive Wedding Rings

Since the diamond is something that is an investment of a lifetime, you can surely invest as much as you desire. Overtime the prices are appreciated and since nowadays certificates of authentication are provided, it can be an ideal investment. Unique expensive wedding rings are the best friend of a bride and it will set a different aura while you take the wedding vows.

It is a lovely idea to surf and look at the various choices you have in the market regarding unique expensive wedding rings. If you are looking for something unique, then you will have to pay more since something exclusively made for you will be priced more. Therefore, what you can do is design one of your own unique expensive wedding rings.

Diamonds are in vogue, and if your beau is a fashion lover then here is something that you may do like the look for a diamond that is colorless and flawless and is of an elite cut. The princess cut diamond-wedding rings are truly beautiful. The beauty lies in the fact that from far off the shine of your ring will reach others. A princess cut takes four times the time taken to give the same stone the same cut. It is cut in such a way that maximum light is reflected, and the stone looks extremely shiny. Similarly, the emerald cut is supremely elegant too.

"Unique Expensive Wedding Rings"

Unique Expensive Wedding Rings

Next comes the material of the ring and settle for nothing less than platinum or titanium. These are expensive metals, and they have the required hardness to hold the diamond jewelry. They also offer the right background for accentuating the effect of the diamond. An uncomplicated band will not be extremely costly, but as you get it fixed with diamonds the price increases.

For example, the eternity bands have a number of small diamonds encrusted on a wedding band. Whichever position the ring is, it will always shine! Split shank rings are slightly costlier options but are unique as the different cleaved bands encrusted with diamonds after reaching the crown separates into multiple strands.

Often getting a large big diamond is costlier than getting smaller ones. If you genuinely want unique expensive wedding rings, go for the halo engagement rings. The halo rings have a centrally located large diamond, and as you know the carat, size determines the price. This is most suitable for brides who like to flaunt their wedding rings. Definitely, your beau will feel proud regarding your choice.

What are the other factors that increase the price of unique engagement rings having diamond? Well, I have already specified of the carat and cut of the diamond. The other two governing factors are clarity and color. The colorless varieties are extremely rare and hugely costly.

The ones that you mostly see in the market is the slightly colored variety! The flawless clarity is the most expensive of the diamonds. The ones that you usually see in the market encrusted in earrings, bangles, necklaces are the VVS variety.

Do not forget the insurance of the diamond jewelry. After all such a priceless variety must have insurance on it!