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Dec 8

Unique Wedding Engagement Rings

 The two most notable milestones in your life are the engagement and wedding, and if you are looking for unique wedding engagement rings, I assure you that the best place to shop for it is the online jewelry stores. They have a ready stock following the latest trends as well as the classic and vintage, designer rings.

Split shank is in vogue, and at the web portals you will notice that some designs are not only pieces of art but also unique in themselves. Engagement ring split shank can be matched with the wedding ring and you can shop for them together. Regarding the split shank rings, as the name signifies the shank is divided into parts.

There may be two or three shanks together giving a truly suspended look to the diamond that is placed on the top. The jewelry shank is covered with diamonds most often in a channel setting. When the split shank is coupled with the engagement halo ring, it creates another option among unique wedding engagement rings.

The halo engagement ring contains a centrally located large diamond surrounded by other smaller diamonds around it. You must have noticed some celebrities flaunting their large diamonds. Most of them are in halo engagement ring setting. You can also couple a princess cut diamond with a split shank ring.

"Unique Wedding Engagement Rings"

Unique Wedding Engagement Rings

The princess cut is one of the elite cuts and takes a lot of precision. It is also made from the finest quality of diamonds. Therefore, while contemplating about unique wedding engagement ring does not forget the princess cut because not many are able to afford a large princess cut diamond.

The idea of unique is something that is rare something that is not common and find in the mass. Following this definition, I suggest you can yourself create your own unique wedding engagement ring. Just peep into your creative genius.

Your love or your beau and awareness of her preferences will surely guide you to make your own masterpiece. Exclusiveness can only be made when you design it on your own, or else there are always chances of other people following the same trend. So go ahead! Choose your diamond and set it in your desired ring.

While choosing your diamond for the unique wedding engagement rings primarily fix your budget. This way you will be able to narrow down your search. The diamond can be in any shape- oval, and rounds are common, but lovers nowadays prefer the heart shaped. It is surely a romantic idea, and when you give it your own touches it becomes a piece that will give your beau unbridled happiness and memories to cherish throughout her life. The next will be to choose the metal and setting of the diamond.

Gold is common, but some people love to wear gold. Lastly do not forget to add the accents.

While giving shape to your idea, do take into account your beaus lifestyle. If you want to wear the engagement wedding ring always then gift her something that she will feel free to wear throughout the day.