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Sep 16

Unique Wedding Rings for Women

Split Shank rings are simply stunning, as they have their own aura of grace that is partially transferred to the wearer. This is the reason the split shank engagement rings are growing immensely in. Apart from this, there is also endless variety associated with the split shank rings that are far from the scope of other diamonds.

Engagement rings split shanks have the unique quality to bring an individual message on your wedding day. In some cases, it delivers the feeling of intense passion for love, in some cases, it signifies firm commitment, and in other cases, it delivers a fantastic essence of style.

The classic solitaire rings put the diamond in focus and hides the metal completely; built in the same genre, the split shank rings also decreases the effectiveness of the metal. Since they are wide and open, they show the skin in between and this way the diamond looks as if it has been suspended on the skin. The skin serves as the background for the diamond instead of the metal.

"Unique Wedding Rings for Women"

Unique Wedding Rings for Women

In the very beginning, I have specified the vast scope for variety and to support the split shanks can be more than just two. They may be different, and if the size of the diamond is bigger, there may be even three to four segments. Engagement ring shanks are more suitable with elongated diamonds. Say, for example, that a square sapphire can be particularly suitable for the split shank engagement rings.

The segments of the jewelry shank are set with smaller diamonds sometimes, and there is a lot of variety associated to it regarding the setting and design. Platinum is best suited for a split shank diamond wedding ring because it offers a flat background which highlights the impact of the diamond. In case, you are in tight budget test palladium as an alternative. The specific gravity of the metal is lesser than platinum and so with the matching wedding ring you will have to spend less for the metal frame.

You must be aware by now that even the perfect, simple diamond are capable of emanating a tremendous sense of feminineness. On your wedding day even an elegant silver ring with a real diamond on it, can declare a fashion statement.

The split shank engagement rings have evolved into various formats like the halo engagement rings. However, since both of these are built with larger diamonds, one has to have a right pocket size to be able to afford it. The Halo engagement rings have a centrally located diamond around which are haloed lines of smaller diamonds. Overall, effect of the centrally located diamond is accentuated.

As you are planning for your wedding, think about trying one of the princess cut diamond in split shank jewelery or a halo engagement or wedding ring instead of the unexciting wedding band. I am sure your sweetheart will just love the idea of unique wedding rings! The split shank engulfs in itself the classic impact of a solitaire ring at the same time communicate the sense of couture consciousness.