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Dec 9

Wedding Band for Solitaire Engagement Ring

 Solitaire rings are timeless, and they are symbolic of undiminished love. Therefore, it is most suited not only for your wedding, but also for your 25th anniversary. There is a variety of choices of wedding band for solitaire engagement ring.

There are the Celtic bands, and in this, you will find some of them immensely classic and traditional, on the other hand, some well retro and sleek. To go further on you can try the Scottish styles and surely, the Scottish designs with their inscriptions on them are the best form of wedding band for solitaire engagement ring.

Even though, there are various designs ruling the market like the split shanks, princess cut diamond engagement rings, as well as halo engagement rings, it is undeniable that the solitaire rings are by far the most elite and preferred. Most men while shopping for an engagement ring are not truly sure regarding the design, which will appeal his beau.

For them, the best way is to choose a solitaire ring, which is not at all fussy, and at the same time extremely classy. You can label a solitaire diamond engagement ring as a safe choice and for this kind of design; any form of wedding band will be suitable.

"Wedding Band for Solitaire Engagement Ring"

Wedding Band for Solitaire Engagement Ring

If the bride has an eye for something that is not at all extremely elaborate and flashy, then the solitaire engagement ring can well be coupled with a pure metallic band. The only aspect that you may look into is that the metal used in the diamond engagement ring may be the same as the one in the wedding band.

Therefore, a platinum or gold wedding band for an engagement ring can be well matched. Another aspect is that of you have a split shank of the solitaire ring to be 2mm then the wedding band can also be 2mm or more than that. Rather I suggest that in contrast to the solitaire engagement ring that has a thin shank, go for a wider shank close to 5mm.

If you want to a little sparkle to her fingers go for a wedding band that has some diamonds encrusted on it. In this case, also you must be extremely careful in choosing the ring because any wrong decision will end up in the diamonds damaged by the solitaire ring shank.

In this respect, the channel setting is a safe choice that has diamonds embedded either at regular intervals or at consecutive line of diamonds leaving a certain gap in between each line. Surely, you will want your beau to wear your ring throughout, and this is the reason you must take into account her lifestyle and comfort level.

As I have already told you, any form of wedding band for solitaire engagement ring is suitable. For example, a handcrafted ornate wedding band can also be placed beside a solitaire diamond engagement ring. If you are not particularly sure regarding the preference of your beau in vintage styles, go for a channel setting in milligrain-beaded edge. This way you are juxtaposing contemporary designs with the essence of vintage rings.

You can even try some twig wedding bands that have leaves and flowers probably with the place for small diamonds in it.