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Sep 20

Wedding Bands for Split Shank Engagement Rings

The split shank diamond jewelry is capable of adding a sparkle even to the mundane! Wedding bands for split shank engagement rings compliment the wedding gown, and when it is put on the long fingers of your beloved, it accentuates her appeal as well as makes her use her hands more often. Jokes apart-women can be blown off her feet with the split shank jewelry since they are timeless and provide scope for immense variety.

The split shank engagement rings are created out of the finest grade of diamond and by the master artisans. They care to make carefully and design the jewelry with passion- that is the reason they may be priced something far more expensive than the common engagement rings and wedding bands. You must be wondering as to the physical aspects of the split shank engagement rings.

To this I will like to add is that, they offer a range for variety and there is limitless possible contrast with split shank jewelry. Most often, the shank jewelry are made from larger diamonds. They are most suitable for a diamond that are close to or over two carats. Different kinds of shapes to go extremely well in shank jewelry and with the pave setting you will find some of the finest and gorgeous articles in the market.

"Wedding Bands"

Wedding Bands

Pave setting is the most preferable setting for a split shank diamond engagement ring or wedding band, and if you are planning to buy split shank jewelry, you need to know that this kind of ring is remarkably safe to wear. The split shank jewelry hold the central diamond with the use of prongs and these prongs if taken proper care will never allow the diamond fall off. Apart from the versatile nature, I even think that split shank jewelry provide a greater versatility as compared to other forms of diamond rings.

Shopping for your split shank engagement rings need a lot of patience, the reason for this is that the split shank jewelry can be made into different forms. Created out of the classic solitaire rings, they give a sense of being suspended on the fingers. The skin acts as the basis for rings, and with the availability of this designer shank jewelry on the online stores, have made matters more complicated. However, do not worry basic knowledge and a little surfing of the market can give you worthwhile discounts.

You will discover the range of diamond, setting, and metal, but with the genuine shop, you can manage to get discounts amounting to as much as twenty per cent with the wholesale diamond jewelry online. From the investment point, of view also the split shank diamond engagement rings are particularly compelling option because, over time, the price of diamonds and precious metals will only increase.

Do not forget to take into consideration the personality of your fiancé while you are buying split shank diamond jewelry. If your fiancée loves elegant jewelry, go for a halo engagement ring; she will love to wear it.