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Nov 18

Wedding Bands Jewelry

As you are going through different wedding bands jewelry for that very special moment in your life, you need to know about certain latest trends. Buying a diamond is in vogue and with the online shopping portals; they have become even more affordable. So instead of going for some mundane jewelry go for the diamond wedding bands jewelry.

However, the evolution of the diamond wedding bands jewelry is not restricted to this era only. There has been consistent period in history that has seen the evolution of the diamond. Certain periods of peace in the past has seen artistic qualities in their peak.

The Edwardian era, the Arty Deco Era, the Victorian Era has all seen creativity at its best. Some people are fond of antique diamond jewelry because they show a classic taste. These diamonds also lack shingles and blueprints. Victorian age among these has given birth to some exquisite designs of diamond jewelry.

To get the best effect of these wedding bands you need to match this kind of jewelry with the right kind of fabric. However, it is undeniable that the bygone years have given rise to such pieces of jewelry that are unmatched in simplicity and elegance. This is the reason solitaire rings are being preferred even more because they are simple and sophisticated. If you want an additional effect in your solitaire diamond ring then you can go for the halo engagement rings.

"Wedding Bands Jewelry"

Wedding Bands Jewelry

Some brides prefer split shanks too. The split shank diamond engagement ring has a centrally located diamond and the metallic part of the ring has splits that show the skin and gives a very suspended appearance to the diamond. Just as in solitaire rings where the diamond gets a suspended look, the split shank diamond engagement rings too have a similar appearance.

The princess cut diamond engagement rings are more seen among the young brides. There is no doubt that the princess cut diamonds look majestic but one can also try out some cushion cuts or Asscher cuts. Apart from this instead of using colorless diamonds on the wedding rings, artisans are using colored stones and this surely is getting a lot of attention. Pink, purple, brown, and yellow are some of the stones that rule the market.

In addition, while choosing your wedding band you must take in consideration your engagement ring. Wear your engagement ring when you are shopping for the wedding band. Wear them side by side and check whether they complement each other. If the stone on your engagement ring is a princess cut, they you must definitely go for an engagement ring that has a princess cut diamond only.

The wedding band must be thicker than the engagement ring, and made of the same material. Check whether the two are being scratched against each other. I am informing you this from practical knowledge because my halo engagement ring with diamonds encrusted on the metallic part did collide with my wedding band. As a result, I had to wear only one ring at a time!

Wedding is occasions when you take your vows and let the diamond wedding bands jewelry symbolize it with its glitter and hardness.