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Mar 14

Wedding Ring Sets for an Awesome Wedding

Wedding ring sets are essentially an integration of both the engagement rings and the wedding rings. Getting one is more than a shopping trip; it is the reflection of a lifelong commitment and love between two hearts that are going to be united through marriage.Thus, it has to be of timeless quality and elegance.

Choosing the right wedding ring is an exciting part of the wedding’s to-do list and a memory you would love and cherish for your lifetime.

Wedding ring sets are ideal for those with budget constraints and who prefer wearing a single ring all through their life. The wedding set is worn together and it depicts intertwined relationship between two hearts and compliments any romantic relationship.

There are a few aspects to be given due consideration before choosing the awesome ring for your great day. Let us throw some light on them here. 

wedding ring sets

Choosing the Right Style and Design

Before choosing the style and design of the wedding ring sets, one point should be borne in mind that they are going to be worn every day for a lifetime.And therefore the ring has to get along with any outfit and all occasions in the future, and if not all, then at least most of them.

The classical style of a wedding set most preferred by couples are a ring with a single prong set diamond and a plain ring with channel set diamonds. But the options are wide, and one has the freedom to custom design his or her wedding ring as per their own wish, with most of the jewelers here.

Many feel that the conventional yellow gold band, with an engraved style or a beaded edge would be in style for the years to come as well, but the choices are huge here.A visit to a jewelry shop or an e-commerce site gives an idea of the existing choices for wedding ring sets and their budget.

Choosing the Right Metal

Though some of the wedding rings are available in sets, to serve the purpose of engagement rings as well, some prefer to buy single rings coordinating with their engagement rings, perhaps in a different metal or a different style. Nevertheless, the metal used in the ring bands plays a role here and has to be carefully selected based on the preferences and the budget.

The most traditional wedding rings are made of 18 KT or 14 KT yellow gold and it denotes the warmth and love, a marriage would offer. Though 24k gold is the purest of the form, it is the softest as well and thus is not a safe choice of setting for a diamond ring. These rings can be bought by the couple shopping together and the fiancée’s opinion is important here. Diamonds or gemstones studded on yellow gold bands are also a trend now.

Choosing white gold wedding ring sets is the most popular option these days and platinum is also a very stylish metal symbolizing long standing love and commitment. Though they are less costly, they are available in their purest form and matches all skin types.

Titanium rings are also an existing option, though it doesn’t shine much like other metals. But the metal has a modern stylish look and is a tough metal, durable across the ages. It stays within budget and is available through many online stores.

Wedding rings studded with gemstones also would look elegant and beautiful, but are not a preferred choice, as most of them are soft stones except diamonds and may diminish in shine and quality as time passes.

Care of the rings

Having completed the designing, choosing, buying and wearing part of your ring, it is time to focus on caring your rings, as these are lifetime jewels. Take the ring out while showering, doing yard work and dish washing and clean your wedding ring sets with a soft cloth frequently.