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Jul 9

Wedding Rings – Decisions Decisions

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Of the all the many layers that go into your average wedding, often the first one that’s nailed down is the bride and grooms choice of wedding rings. Personal preference, shared tastes, the fact that the rings are the physical symbol of every couples commitment and love for each other, means that most couples know what they want, and why.

On the other hand, there are still plenty of soon-to-be-marrieds are spoiled for choice. There are so many ring designers doing their jobs (very well we might add) that the sheer volume of designs on the market at any one time is a little overwhelming to say the least.’re engaged to be married, you have a decent budget for the wedding rings, so..which ones?

The Wedding Band

A wedding band can be as simple, or as detailed, as you like. Many couples favor something that’s uncomplicated, sometimes engraved on the inner part of the ring, matching, and eternally linked by the fact that everything about them reflects the the foundations of every couples marriage – strength and permanence.

Equally a wedding band can involve a lot of intricate design work, through engraving and/or the addition of precious gemstones. A wedding ring that’s inlaid with diamonds, or a combination of different gemstones, can run into the many thousands of dollars but..the price tag isn’t as important as the meaning behind the rings.

Then again, other couples will pair two rings that share some basic attributes..such as the metal and the stones..but the bride’s ring will be more flamboyant, more flashy, designed to have a little bit of the ‘wow’ factor about it. This is a popular choice, more so because it’s a rare man that would happily take to wearing an ostentatious piece of jewelry, never mind a wedding ring with a huge diamond placed on the top.

Bridal Sets

Generally a bridal set will consist of either an engagement, wedding and eternity ring for the bride, or an engagement ring, and a pair of matching his and hers wedding rings. For the bride, the rings are designed, once they’re all placed together on her finger, to perfectly match and compliment each other.

Purchasing a collection of rings has become incredibly popular over the last few years, and some couples appear to prefer the sentimental value that comes with matching jewelry. There’s also the likelihood that buying a set of wedding jewelry provides greater value for money, so bridal sets are worth considering.

Whatever style of wedding ring you choose, providing it’s a joint decision, that the rings perfectly reflect you as a couple and your personal tastes, you should (hopefully) end up with rings that are as beautiful and unique as your relationship.