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Mar 7

What Do You Think of These Diamond Pendants?

Pendants are unforgettable gifts that depict lasting love towards your significant other. No matter whether it is a birthday, or an anniversary, diamond pendants make a perfect gift for all occasions.

Diamond pendants are available in an array of styles, shapes and designs to select from. You can buy a specific pendant for a particular occasion, and rejoice your sweetheart on any auspicious day. Some of the popular types of pendants offered by reliable jewelers are as follows. 

Heart Shaped Diamond Pendants

Diamond Pendants

As the name signifies, these pendants come in the shape of hearts. They make a perfect gift for your beloved lady on her birthday, or your wedding anniversary. The heart shaped pendants can be found in varying shapes and sizes.

You can find small heart pendants as well as large sized heart shaped pendants. Similarly, there are single heart pendants as well as two heart pendants wherein both the hearts stay entangled in each other indicating long lasting relationship between a man and a woman.

A 0.25 round cut diamonds heart pendant might be a perfect fit for you, if you are considering a budget-friendly pendant. The price of such a pendant is around $1800 to $1900, but you can buy the item at about $500 from reliable jewelers.

If budget is not a constraint, a 1.30 round cut diamonds heart pendant will be a perfect choice to rejoice your significant other. 

Diamond Solitaire Pendants


This type of pendant comes with one diamond engraved within the pendant. These diamond pendants appear distinctive and have their unique attraction. A single diamond resting in the metal setting looks exquisite. The glamour and beauty of the solitaire pendant is difficult to surpass.

A 1.50 round cut solitaire diamond pendant will be a perfect fit, if you are seeking a high end piece. Though high priced, but the sparkle and sheen of the pendant is incomparable and unmatchable. However, the prices of these pendants are quite high compared to other options in the market.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly piece, then a 0.25 round cut solitaire diamond pendant will be the best choice. Without burning your pocket, you can own this appealing pendant at a pocket-friendly price.

Diamond Journey Pendants


As the name implies, journey pendants are gifted to a person on a special occasion. These diamond pendants come in various shapes such as a ladder, a heart, a drop and lot more.

A heart shapedjourney pendant is gifted to a beloved lady when you are beginning your marriage life. A ladder shaped diamond pendant is given to a progressive girlfriend when she attains success in her work life.

Closing thoughts

With the availability of so many diamond pendants, finding a perfect one is never an issue. Evaluate your tastes and preferences, and formulate a budget to get the best pendant. Determine the event and choose the pendant accordingly. If you take time and search properly, finding a suitable pendant of your likings becomes easy and hassle free.