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Aug 17

What is Halo Engagement Ring?

Diamond rings are always so enchanting the beautiful sparkle and the rare diamond cuts. However, more enchanting are rings that use small multiple diamonds circling a giant diamond. The halo engagement ring has a central gemstone or diamond around which there is a ‘halo’ of diamonds and is a perfect ring to present your fiancée. Halo engagement ring turns the pages of history or twinkle in the modern style.

Vintage Halo Designs

Vintage styles also have become hugely popular now, and vintage jewelry has been the recent trend in the industry just as much as modern styles. The focal ring is rugged and is beautifully cut while the encircling smaller stones that make up the halo and the focal ring stone strikingly attractive. The engagement halo ring is not new; it is actually an old fad, which has captured the imagination of the modern bride. New design combines the vintage feels to contemporary designs like split shank rings.

Some unique engagement ring may have focal emeralds, sapphires, and rubies with a halo of diamonds around them apart from the usual featuring of a classic princess cut diamond in the engagement halo ring. Your vintage halo engagement ring can spark the memory of say, the old Victorian era or give the attractiveness of a fantastic artful decor. These unique engagement ring sets with a haloed stone will make your momentous day memorable forever.

"halo engagement ring"

halo engagement ring

There has been resurgence in the interest, in vintage style jewelry, with beautiful Princess cut diamond and sometimes going with the modern splits shank engagement rings design. Remember Kate Middleton’s sapphire halo engagement ring that was previously owned by Princess Diana!

Contemporary Halo Designs

The passion for Contemporary halo designs has not been overlooked just because vintage designs are on the path of resurgence. Unique and customized designs with asymmetrical designs and the new splits shank engagement rings allow it a more contemporary feel. Contemporary styles focus on smooth and artful looks even without a halo a heart shaped gemstone or ornate stone will look adorable.

Unique engagement ring with Princess Cut diamond comes in a variety of styles and looks. Split shank rings are hugely popular nowadays because the jewelry shank is the most valuable part of the ring for wearer comfort. Engagement ring split shank is easier to wear and use compared to the traditional closed form of the engagement ring shanks.

Plain Metal Halos

A halo design using explicit metal is also a popular trend in halo engagement ring. Here, the design does not have a halo of stones but rather a set of polished metal crowns the focal stone like a halo. It is just about the same as a diamond halo engagement ring creating the same visual attractiveness of a large central stone by enhancing and reflecting the grandeur of the diamond at the center of the ring.

Plain metal halos are also known for their naive and dainty design it is widely known that less is accomplished. It beautifully contrasts the elaborate wedding dress and grooming with a classic