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Nov 9

Where to Find Cheap Engagement Rings


Beginning that invaluable, lasting relationship with your beloved should not burn a hole in your pocket. If you are planning to propose, do not let the worry of buying an engagement ring trouble you with concerns about the expense.

Looking for that unique engagement ring can be difficult especially if you lack the time and are tight on budget. So the question arises, where to find cheap engagement rings? Unless you have a fair idea about what you wish to buy, the going would be difficult.

There are several varieties and styles of diamond engagement rings, which range from a few hundred dollars to millions. Generally, open market shops stock higher range jewelry and so the chances of getting a budget diamond ring from there are low, unless they have a dedicated economy section or offer discounts and sales. Therefore, the next best place if you look for where to find cheap engagement rings is online.

The worldwide web is a sure shot place to get your hands on discount diamond rings as most jewelers store a wide array of engagement rings ranging from expensive princess cut solitaires to the affordable compressed diamond rings. Online stores offer a suitable platform for shoppers and offer split shank engagement rings, engagement halo rings, and unique princess cut diamonds among several other designs.

"Cheap Engagement Rings"

Cheap Engagement Rings

So once, you know where to find cheap engagement rings, buying online would be easy. Just guarantee to buy from a trusted seller with product certification, after going through the product details and remember to go through their return policy and customer service. Also, keep in mind that all jewelry items come in varying degrees of quality, clarity and cuts that affect its price. Higher karat metals are purer and; therefore, more expensive.

If you are still wondering where to find cheap engagement rings, here is an alternative. Visit some flea markets and pawnshops that offer discount diamond jewelry. Estate sales and swap meets also often sell cheap engagement rings.

Once you know where to get it from, what to buy comes next. Choosing a budget engagement ring, you could buy smaller diamonds packed together as a bunch in 10 or 14-karat gold as white gold and platinum would be more expensive. Sterling silver is another cheaper alternative that resembles white gold. You could also have a semi precious metal plated with gold or silver, but that would require polishing once the plating wears out.

For stones, colorless diamonds are costlier. Try investing in slightly tinted diamonds combined with other gemstones such as garnets and sapphires. The most elegant looking engagement rings split shank are usually set in white gold or platinum that split the band and meet at the base of the crown on the ring.

These shank engagement rings are a lot costlier due to their setting that usually hold a large sized solitaire. However, stones with minor unnoticeable flaws are more affordable. Buying a cubic zirconium instead of a diamond means saving a lot of money on a genuinely looking diamond! It looks equally stunning and costs just a fraction of a diamond.

You are formalizing a relationship and having a more effective and realistic approach while buying a unique engagement ring can lift the burden of hype and unreal expectations off your shoulders. After all, the specific person and the bonding relationship matters more than anything else!