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Mar 5

White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

Diamond engagement rings are considered as a man’s commitment to his lady, and signify true love. As opposed to traditional times, today various diamond engagement ring choices are provided to women. However, white gold diamond engagement rings are an ideal choice for the engagement event. They are a perfect ring to be gifted to a woman with whom you wish to spend your entire life.

White gold signifies the purity and pristine beauty which makes it a perfect engagement band. However, the success lies in picking the best white gold diamond engagement band. There is a diverse range of sizes and shapes to choose from. Similarly, there are various styles and design to select the best ring. Some of the popular options and choices are as follows. 

Solitaire white gold diamond engagement rings

white gold diamond engagement rings

As the name indicates, these rings feature one single diamond on the band. Usually, a bigger diamond piece is engraved on the band that gives it a really beautiful look.

You can choose a colored diamond to have a contrasting look with the white band to give a striking appearance to the ring. Similarly, adding a colorless or white diamond to the white gold band works well to attain uniformity. It also complements the white gowns worn by women. 

Princess cut white gold diamond engagement ring

Princess cut white gold diamond engagement ring

Such rings are the popular choice of women who wish to achieve a princess look. The style and design of the princess cut diamond engagement band transforms the engagement occasion in to a royal one, especially, if the woman wear a princess style dress along with the princess cut engagement band.

These rings give a dazzling brilliance and uniqueness to the lady. Even if the diamond is small, it gives a classy and beautiful appearance. The royal touch blended with unique designs make the band a worthy of purchase for the great event. 

Three stone white gold diamond engagement bands

Three stone white gold diamond engagement bands

A three stone engagement band is the best choice, if you are looking for a distinct and dazzling brilliance to gift your sweetheart. Such a band comes with three stones that rest on the band. Usually, a large diamond is engraved on the center and two small diamonds (each on either side) beautifies the band.

This type of band allow you to customize your ring in various ways, you can play with various shapes and sizes to get the perfect and unique ring. Similarly, you have the option to beautify the band with small diamonds or colored diamonds. Since the possibilities are endless, many individual choose to work with a three stone white gold diamond engagement ring. 

White gold diamond engagement rings with side stones

White gold diamond engagement rings with side stones

As the name implies, these rings come with stones mounted on either side of the center diamond stone. Generally, the centre diamond stone is white; the side stones are colored giving a dramatic appearance to the overall band. The style, the brilliance and the contrasting glitter of stones beautify the band in an amazing manner.

Such rings are high priced and usually worn by celebrities. However, you can cut down the cost by choosing a thinner band that comes with smaller diamonds or colored diamonds. In this way, you can gift a special item to your girlfriend on your engagement day without spending a fortune. 


Gifting white gold diamond engagement rings for women is one of best ways to propose her. Explore all possibilities, and select the best diamond engagement ring that is in line with your likings.