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Apr 29

White Gold Diamond Wedding Bands

White gold diamond wedding bands make simple yet snazzy choices for wedding rings since they suit a variety of tastes. Every woman wishes of standing at the altar in a white dress and saying “I do” to the man of her dreams and there is no better way to fulfill her dream than by presenting her with a diamond wedding band on your marriage. A wedding band is extremely valuable since its exchange is symbolic of undying love, devotion and commitment between two love partners.

white gold diamond wedding bands

The custom of exchanging rings on the wedding day is an age old one and venerated in several cultures across the world. This ritual that signifies the union of souls continues to exist and holds the same cultural significance even today. However, for decades, a simple band sufficed to serve as a sign of being married. But today, wedding bands have become an essential piece of jewelry for both men and women and are available in a vast medley of designs and styles.

With limitless variety today, choosing wedding bands have become an elaborate affair. Whether you choose to shop from a regular retail outlet or over the internet, the staggering variety on offer is sure to put you in a tizzy. Nevertheless, setting a budget and choosing the best in that particular amount can help you in making a discreet choice.

White gold diamond wedding bands are simple and elegant and make an unarguable choice. Besides, the white tint of the band also represents purity and transparency in a new relationship. You can even personalize the ring by engraving your beloved’s name or a message on it. 

Benefits of  White Gold Diamond wedding bands

 white gold diamond wedding bands 1

Enhanced Appeal

Getting a wedding ring made of white gold instead of the usual yellow metal or platinum has multifarious benefits. White gold accentuates the diamonds and enhances the overall look and appeal of the ring. White gold has a very unique charm and never goes out of vogue. In addition, the shiny,white metal complements the look of the stones better than any other colored metal.

Greater Durability

Since white gold is an alloy, it offers greater durability and resilience. The natural luster of the metal remains the same even after regular use for years. White gold has a superior ability to withstand daily wear and tear. Thus, the white gold wedding bands are easier to maintain than the platinum rings that cost a fortune and lose their sheen over a period of time.

Economical Cost

The biggest advantage of buying white gold diamond wedding bands over platinum rings is its lesser cost vis-à-vis other metals such as platinum. Cost is definitely one the first things that you would want to consider while purchasing any jewelry. Since platinum is a rarer metal it costsfar more than white gold. For the cost of one ordinary platinum diamond ring, you would be able to buy an exclusive designer white gold wedding ring or you can buy a white gold ring with a bigger size diamond. Not only do you get the same look when you choose white gold diamond wedding bands, the cost is one-fourth.

Quick Tips to Buy

Since the wedding ring is worn throughout life, it would be wise to buy the best available wedding band with best quality diamond embedded on it.  It is equally important to buy from a trustworthy jeweler. Buying from a credible jeweler ensures that you get your money’s worth. Additionally, reputed jewelers also provide a purity certificate which will help you in getting maximum value in case you decide to sell the jewelry.

 Another vital factor to consider is the size. Make sure that you pick the right sized ring so that it fits your partner perfectly on the wedding day.With so many benefits mentioned above, white gold diamond wedding bands are certainly worth their salt.