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May 7

White Gold Sapphire Ring

Sapphire rings are back in fashion with Kate Middleton wearing it on her engagement to Prince William. The old fashion of gold sapphire rings never seems to go awry. It is one of the best choices for engagements and even weddings.

And unlike other diamonds, sapphire is used both on white gold and yellow gold, thus providing you with an option of white gold sapphire ring. While white gold comes in different carats, sapphires come in different colors – blue, pink, green, etc.

The combination of gold and sapphire should be carefully chosen. For it should complement the personality of the wearer, and also the choice and preference.

White Gold Sapphire Ring

How to Buy White Gold Sapphire Ring?


The process of buying a white gold ring with sapphire embedded is no different from any other ring. Just like you do for every other ring, you follow the same process. That is, check the type of metal, its purity, and the design that makes the ring worth it.

Besides that, your next focus is on the quality of the diamond i.e. the 4Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Higher the clarity, more the prices will be, and you’re more likely to get a better deal. However, what’s important here is to check the budget constraints and then opt for a white gold sapphire ring for your engagement or wedding.

How to Clean a Sapphire Ring?

Cleaning a sapphire ring requires you to follow certain steps. The steps are as follows. Take a note of these steps and see to it that you follow them properly for better cleaning:

Step 1: Polish the Ring

Step 2: Scrub the Ring

Step 3: Clean the Prong Area

Step 4: Wash the Ring with Water

Step 5:  Complete the Process

Each step requires you to have some cleaning products, tools and equipments. They ensure that the sapphire ring is cleaned properly without getting damaged.

How Much Does a White Gold Sapphire Ring Cost?

The price in retail market differs with wholesale market completely. For example: a ring that’s available in retail market for $5000 can be bought for 50% less in the wholesale market. However, it totally depends on what one buys depending upon the quality of the diamond and the band.


White gold sapphire ring is perfect for any occasion. Women love diamonds and also stones such as sapphires. If you’re successful in buying a beautiful ring with a beautiful sapphire embedded, you’re likely to impress her within in no time. However, do your own research and see what color stone she loves to wear before you make a buy.