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Feb 9

Why Buy Diamond Heart Pendants?

Diamond Heart Pendants

It has been known throughout time that women are more in touch with their feelings and are more delicate towards love. This is one of the reasons why women absolutely adore presents that hold deep meaning. One of such significant items that makes a woman’s heart beat faster is diamond heart pendants.

Significant in its meaning, diamond heart pendants have, for a long time, been the desire of most women. It is considered as the perfect gift for special occasions like your sweetheart’s birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day or for no reason at all. No matter what the occasion might be, the pendant shaped like a heart, represents love.

Reasons Why Women Love Diamond Heart Pendants:

Great Gift for Any Occasion

This item would make an amazing present for any occasion be it a wedding anniversary, birthday and special events. Heart pendants are usually closely associated with beautiful memories of the woman. Exotic designs enhancing the heart shaped pendant would make her eyes glimmer like gold.

Significant Meaning of Devotion

Heart shaped items have always carried a deep sense of meaning and emotion. Today, presenting a heart pendant portrays the deliverance of a person’s heart to his beloved. This sweet move of romance would fill a woman’s heart with blooming love for her partner.

Expressing Undying Love

There are very few jewelry items that hold such expressions of love and commitment, one of which is the heart shaped diamond pendant. Diamonds have forever been a woman’s best friend; that combined with the universal symbol of the heart, would make an exquisite choice in expressing your undying love.

Heart Shaped Pendants as Lucky Charms

A woman feels safe, secure and confident in a relationship when the man offers her a genuine token of love. This glamorous piece of jewelry, when given to a woman makes her feel both loved and confident. In other words, these diamond heart pendants serve as perfect lucky charms for women. Quite a number of people believe that heart shaped trinkets are good charms for women.

Wide Variety of Designs

Diamond heart shaped pendants have a wide range of designs and styles that bring a unique distinction to every choice. There are a number of aspects that define the pendant design like diamond characteristics (4 C’s), diamond cuts, gemstones inclusion, diamond settings, heart designs and metal work.

  • Based on the 4C’s – Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat, the choice of diamonds can change the very look of the jewelry piece.
  • There are a number of beautiful fancy diamond cuts likeround brilliant cut, emerald cut, princess cut, marquise cut, pear cut, radiant cut, Asscher cut, oval cut, heart cut and cushion cut. Out of these the heart, asscher, round and princess cuts are the most popular choice for a diamond heart pendant.
  • In recent years, the significance of including birthstones and beautiful gemstones into the designs of jewelry, is increasing. From the heart shaped pendant, one can choose a specific gemstone along with the diamonds, to enhance the beauty of the piece.
  • There are a number of diamond settings that are made to highlight the stones on the pendant. The most popular type of setting is the prong setting that is used to increase the brilliance of the stones.
  • Women are most unique in their choices, ranging from a set of many tiny diamond stones studded with metal, shaped like a heart too, one single large diamond stone shaped like a heart surrounded by beautifully engraved metal work.

There are also designs that make these diamond heart pendants into exquisite lockets.

To conclude, these are some of the most beautiful reasons why you should consider buying diamond heart pendants.