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Dec 15

Women’s Wedding Ring Sets for Cheap

Wedding ring sets are getting more appeal these days due to various reasons. Affordability is the main reason for the popularity. Compared to the individual wedding rings and engagement rings, wedding ring sets far less expensive.

Women’s wedding ring sets for cheap have an additional advantage of being a matching set while individual wedding bands and engagement rings need to be chosen meticulously to match each other. Effort is saved when the wedding ring sets are opted. Jewelry shank of course is the foremost thing on the wedding day. When sets of split shank are chosen, is a best choice because it is one time investment.

How to choose the perfect set?

Women’s wedding ring sets for cheap need not be of low quality. The buyer needs not compromise on beauty and style too. Many jewelry shank sets are available from online stores that can be designed by the buyers. The process of designing the style had to be carried out bearing in mind about the individual personality.

Diamond solitaire is the style of most of the engagement rings. However, engagement ring split shanks are also sought after much these days. The pave or channel setting too can be opted. If you want your wedding ring set to be cheap, then you need to choose classic solitaire engagement rings instead of halo engagement rings. In addition, small diamond stones are less expensive than the split shank rings with large diamond stones.

If you want the women’s wedding ring sets for cheap, then you should also concentrate on the diamonds. The diamonds of course can be chosen if the setting is decided. Based on the desired setting, the size and number of stones vary. Round brilliant diamonds are best choice if you have decided a solitaire.

"Women’s Wedding Ring Sets for Cheap"

Women’s Wedding Ring Sets for Cheap

Even in split shank rings, such stones need to be placed in the center. The clarity, cut, color, and carat are to be chosen with utmost care. If the center has a brilliant round stone, then the surrounding stones should be of smaller size, with clarity of S11 or S12. Since the center stone is round, surrounding stones of lesser clarity do not matter.

Princess cut diamonds are the perfect choice if you are looking for sets. The square shaped diamonds deliver beautiful effect. To be placed as the centerpiece princess cut diamonds are the best choice for any sort of engagement ring split shank.

Metals for Wedding Ring Sets

To get women’s wedding ring sets for cheap, it is not only valuable to look for the size of diamonds but also the metal used for the split shanks. When you choose higher thickness of any metal, the cost goes up. Gold, white gold and platinum, are the often used metal in the engagement ring split shanks.

Rose gold is getting into the fashion now. A combo of rose gold and white gold gives an aesthetic touch to the halo engagement ring. With such unique ideas come the unique engagement rings. There are many other combinations found these days, even cheap wedding rings when given a touch of individuality look as expensive pieces of split shank.

You can have a look at the magazines and internet and get fabulous ideas.