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Dec 28

Women’s Wedding Rings

If you are planning to get married, it is time you will shop for your wedding rings together. Start looking for women’s wedding rings in advance because women are very whimsical when they are shopping for their wedding ring. They may take a lot of time to decide on one! Selecting a set of wedding rings is wise because they perfectly complement each other. The engagement ring along with the wedding ring must be in perfect coordination so that your ladylove may flaunt both at the same time.

The market is resplendent with various choices. Women’s wedding rings start with the simple and classic wedding bands. Filigree and mil grain are two types of wedding bands but the most popular is the engraving wedding ring. They are metallic bands that have an inscription on them, usually those related to love.

However, you will notice that one in every three hands have a band and this is the reason some of the couples find them mundane and devoid of novelty. Another variation of the same wedding band that adds a lot of novelty is the eternity bands. Eternity bands have diamonds encrusted on the wedding bands giving it a more elegant and shining look.

Next come the solitaire rings for wedding. They have a single diamond and the metallic part of the ring is such that the diamond has a very suspended look. The diamond cut may be round, emerald, princess, cushion and so on. A large princess cut diamond ring will simple look magnificent on the finger of your bride.

"Women’s Wedding Rings"

Women’s Wedding Rings

A little variation of the same solitaire ring is the halo engagement rings. They have a centrally located large diamond surrounded by many other smaller diamonds. The diamond may be pear cut, heart shaped, oval or even marquise cut.

Have you heard of the split shank rings? They too have a large diamond with splits on the shank of the ring. It is a very innovative idea and most suitable for those brides who love ornamental women’s wedding rings. The split shanks may have the diamonds encrusted on them.

Are you aware that if you buy in sets, the engagement ring and wedding ring may join? Yes, this way not only do they give an additional effect, but also can be worn on the same finger without disturbing any ring. They perfectly match each other and whereas wedding engagement rings may simply be joined together, others wrap around one another.

Regarding the material of the band, if price is not a restraint then look for nothing less than titanium for women’s wedding rings. Titanium has an innate luster that matches perfectly with the diamonds as well as it is very durable to last you a lifetime. It is costly and easiest way to impress not only the woman but also her family!

The internet has given us the boon of online jewelry stores and so one may shop for them. However, a good knowledge of the diamonds is necessary to gauge the authenticity of prices as well as genuineness of the online merchants.